Sonos Whole House Audio Systems

WholeHouseAudioWHA-2-300x224SBComm installs Sonos systems to give you impressive whole home audio solution.  Sonos is a powerful audio distribution system that not only delivers incredible sound but also a simple way to synchronize and organize all of your music.  Sonos gives you full control of your listening experience, allowing you to play any song, in any room, all from the palm of your hand. Sonos is one of the first wireless, multi-room audio systems of its kind.   You may never listen to music the same!  

With a Sonos Controller in your hand and a Sonos ZonePlayer in as may rooms as you would like, you music goes where ever you go.   With the Sonos S5 wireless music system, you have wireless control from your iPhone — no dock necessary!  

From your iPhone app, you can decide what you listen to, in what room, at any time. Contact SBComm today to learn more and to get your music, your way.

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